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Regular improvisation sessions

Duration: 2 hours weekly

currently running on thursdays

email for details info @ danielweaver.co.uk please remove spaces

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This session aims to provide an opportunity for regular exploration by a local group of attendees


Low-cost informal, fun, networking, explore.

Course Content.

During these sessions participants:

- practise improvisation, spontenaeity and creative thinking

- play together and excercise physically

- develope ideas about communication and self-expression

- meet people with new and exciting ideas

- try new ways of communicating

- ask questions

- ask me to lead specific areas of interest or suggest future content


During past sessions we have looked in detail at such topics as -

Being together vs being alone.

Duration and focus.

Voice work.

Rhythm in it's broadest sense.

Musicality in movement.

Body tone.



and many more....



Following these sessions participants are encouraged to:

- share their thoughts and voice their needs

- feedback clearly, positively and without judgement

- think about how they might use what they have learned in work and daily life

- show some understanding of personal style and limitations.

- Explain the importance of body language to communication.

- Practice the skills and techniques of non-verbal communication.

Previous sessions have included thematic material, lead by me and also some free sessions where the group asked to work un-directed for a longer time. Dancers, Musicians, Poets, Social Workers, Psychotherapists and one Refugee-Film-maker met for unrepeatable, unique exchanges in a safe and supportive environment. Ages have ranged from 21 to 62.