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Duration: 1 day
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Aims: The course aims to enable participants to express themselves more clearly and confidently.  
Course Content.

This workshop will cover:
- Developing confidence through use of expressive activity and communication exercises.

- Communication models.

- Reading signals - Giving clear signals.

- Personal behaviour/communication styles.

Following this workshop participants be able to:

- Recognise situations in which they find it hard to be understood.

- Identify the difference between clear and unclear communication.

- Demonstrate ability to "read" others and "translate" into helpful language.

- Show some understanding of their personal style, it's strengths and limitations.

- Explain the importance of body language to communication.

- Practice the skills and techniques of non-verbal communication.

Prices and requirements available through discussion. As each event is tailored to the expressed needs of the group and the hiring organisation, content may need to vary.

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