D a n c e/

Aerial Dance



One week residency and workshops leading to a show at Ruthin Craft Center with North East Wales Dance.

Working with young people in response to the exhibitions of Richard Latrobe Bateman and Wendy Ramshaw.

2009 Myriad Dance Company Wexford

Co-leading and devising a professional development project with Wolfgang Hoffman called Innerscapes at Wexford Opera house. This lead to a successful 2 week run in the Dublin Fringe

2008 Shift by Gravity and Levity

using mostly guitars, double bass, ukeleles and found sounds taken from the planks and shackles of the set. This section was choreographed by Charlotte Vincent. Hear examples on downloads page or WWW.myspace.com/gommorrahh


2007 Taking Flight by Gravity and Levity

Shift is available to buy, as are other theatre scores, for £5 inc. p&p, email for orders.


set by michele weaver

Falling up - was part of this aerial show. For this piece I wrote music for trumpet, clarinet and percussion. Parts were also made by live processing of the brass instruments. We also performed some experimental versions under the name unplugboy trio.

Falling up is available to buy, as are other theatre scores, for £5 inc. p&p, email for orders.


photo Johan Persson

Medsmama, by Elbow Room dance company.

Based in Aberdeen, but exploring the Armenian ancestry of its director, Ani Tchakmakdian. A mixed media performance with Video by John McGeogh, Co-devised with John Harvey.

During research for this piece I traveled to Yerevan and recorded some improvisations and tunes with top Armenian Folk Musicians from Shogakn Ensemble. Whilst the Dance piece toured with recorded music, plans exist to tour this collaboration as a music show. Most of this music is not for sale but demo copies for interested parties can be made available.

Some incidentall/accidental music made with Armenian folk musicians and laptop electronics is available to buy, as are other theatre scores, for £5 inc. p&p, email for orders.


Recent performances with Corali Dance Company have taken us round the modern art Galleries of England including;

The New Walsall,

Ikon Birmingham,

Southwark Park Cafe Gallery

and Tate Modern London. >>>

next show is on May 9/10 at Dilston Grove by Southwark Park. South London.

see www.corali.org.uk

The work of Corali is made by its company of dancers with learning disabilities.


I have worked with many different Dancers from a wide range of styles .

These are some images from Doh Theatre St. Petersberg who used my music a lot. I performed live with some shows such as Schule der Engel in which I also wrote and performed some monologues and which we also took to Russia.

A selection of compositions for theatre is available to buy for £5 inc. p&p, email for orders.

Claire Russ Ensemble

we collaborated for many years on at least 5 shows and many workshops . Saucyness and sensuality were recurring themes . Much in evidence on "The tail wagging the dog" see releases

With Claire Russ I also began to take workshops seriously and to realise how teaching can inform and enrich your work. She organised extensive teaching programs (we called it "Special Needs settings" in those days) alongside of our touring shows from which I learned a great deal.
Odette Hughes

This show featured live music by myself and Mary Oliver.

Arlette George and Tom Roden

Some of this music found it's way onto Stock, Hausen and Walkman albums. Email simplesampling.com for orders.

  Wayne McGregor's Random Dance
  Echo Echo Dance Theatre , N. Ireland
  "Road movie"

The soundtrack to this show was made entirely from live sampling of old 45s through a Dansette record player. Yes, a bit like Phil Jeck only funnier.

Resonance 2 .

This show has toured to Palestine, Scotland and Ireland.

Music for Echo Echo tended to be live to allow for improvisation and interaction. Pulse being the exception which was choreographed to a pre-recorded commisioned composition which is available. Also 2 recent highly acclaimed shows (Resonance 1 & 2) were recorded and are available to buy, for £5 inc. p&p, email for orders.

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